Planning for a Disaster

Natural disasters can happen anywhere, at any time, and usually when you least expect them. Fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes have become yearly occurrences. If you were caught in the middle of one, would you have the essential supplies to help you survive? What if you lost everything and needed proof of your valuables to get insurance money? Do you have copies of your Driver’s License, credit cards, and other important documents?


It’s important for every individual, family, and business to have a plan set in place in the event of a disaster. To help you get started, please download our Disaster Relief Preparedness Checklist.

What to do After a Disaster Strikes

In the minutes, hours, and days following a disaster, people are dealing with a wide range of physical and emotional stress. They may be in physical distress due to injuries sustained during the disaster, or emotional stress from the loss of their personal property and valuables.

Often those affected are concerned about “what’s next,” especially if their homes are damaged. Without a home to return to, people feel uprooted.


If you experience a disaster, this checklist will help you manage the situation and provide guidance during a very stressful and emotional time.